Tulip Smart Hubs and Power Handles

When ordering your Tulip Liposuction and Injection Cannulas start by choosing the hub. Tulip offers many varieties of hubs that are compatible with the equipment you use and the way you like to work.

60 cc Smart Hub

This hub fits a 60cc Toomey Tip syringe. For those who prefer working with larger volumes.


Innovative design gives you more security than a standard Luer.


Get the CellFriendly Advantage with our standard Luer lock attachment.

GEMS SuperLuerLok

The SuperLuerLok is on our GEMS Single- Use instruments.

Tulip Smart Hub Design - A Rule of Thumb

Tulip’s premium instruments offer an important feature to improve your performance. Look for the flattened spot on the hub with all Tulip instruments and know which direction your port is facing. On instruments with ports on specific sides the port will always be opposite the flat indication. Some Surgeons like to keep their thumb on this flat spot to know precisely the angle of the port’s rotation letting them finesse their sculpting down to a fine art. Always compare your thumb spot to the ports while using any Tulip Cannula for better orientation of our instruments.

The Tulip SuperLuerLok

  • Have you ever had any leaking or breaking with your current luer locks?
  • Do your current luer lock Adaptors ever feel unstable? Flimsy?
  • Does transferring tissue from syringe to syringe become messy?
  • Are you experiencing leakage with your traditional luer lock syringe?
  • Are you concerned your luer lock hubs will snap or break during a procedure?
  • Are you getting a poor vacuum?
  • Are you concerned about instability, insecurity, and contamination?
  • Do you want more confidence and control from your syringe?

Cannula Tulip Power

“Flower Power” takes on a whole new meaning with our new Tulip Cell Friendly Power Cannula option! We have configured the majority of our Tulip cannulas and harvesters for direct connection to a vacuum hose for machine liposuction procedures. Tulip’s lubricous Cell Friendly cannulas now with a handle and hose barb. The handle’s thumb grip employs the same orientation Smart Hub design as our detachable syringe cannulas.