Micro Gauge Harvesters and Injectors

Tulip Medical has the smallest Micro Gauge Harvesters and Injectors on the market. These fine Micro Instruments for Fat Transfer procedures also have the advantage of our Cell Friendly coating. This double advantage of the finest gauges available coupled with the lubricious qualities of Cell Friendly will help give you the precision you require as well as a better outcome from less tissue damage. Triple your advantage when you order your Micro Injectors and Micro Harvesters with our patented SuperLuerLok. No other Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting instruments on the market have the Tulip Advantage.

Tulip Medical is the Number 1 Cannula of choice for Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting procedures.

What is Considered To Be A Micro Gauge 
or Small Gauge Harvester and Injector?

Micro Gauge ranges are Harvesters with an outside diameter of 1.6mm to 2.4mm and a length of 8cm to 20cm and Injectors with an outside diameter of 0.7mm to 1.2mm and a length of 4cm to 8cm.

You will notice the Micro Icon by the instrument noting that it is available for order in these size ranges.

Cannulas and Injectors in our Micro Gauge line include:

  • Carraway™
  • Little Injector™
  • Spoon Tip™
  • TriPort Harvester™
  • Tonnard Harvester™
  • Tulip Injector™
  • Tumescent Infiltrator™

What types of procedures are being done with Micro or Small Gauge Cannulas?

Small Gauge cannulas are ideal for facial procedures requiring fat transfer and fat grafting.