CellFriendly – A Success Story

Several years ago Tulip introduced a revolutionary new liposuction cannula technology concept called CellFriendly™. Today, based on thousands of excellent user results and the enthusiastic recommendations from the leaders in plastic and cosmetic surgery, CellFriendly is now the proven leader in liposuction cannula manufacturing technology. Once you try CellFriendly, you’ll join the ranks of our many satisfied customers and never go back to stainless steel liposuction cannulas again.

The Inside Story

Microscopic examination reveals that the lumen of a non-CellFriendly cannula is a landscape of spikes and pits, and may contain caustic chemicals embedded in the stainless steel during tube processing.

Tissue passing over this surface experiences substantial cellular destruction and may become contaminated. The spiky landscape also causes a great deal of friction.

Tulip’s proprietary extruding and honing process cleans and polishes the lumen of each CellFriendly cannula, smoothing out the spikes and pits and flushing away embedded foreign substances. The result is a more cell friendly cannula, especially for micro injection procedures.

The Outside Story

Unlike a non-CellFriendly cannula, the outer surface of a CellFriendly™ cannula goes through two processes. First it is highly polished. Next zirconium nitride is fused to the outside surface. This combination creates a virtual cloaking device between the cell and the cannula. The result is a smooth, lubricious surface nearly 80% less resistant in tissue.

The Rest Of The Story

  • Enthusiastically recommended by the leaders in plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Lubricious, decreasing friction
  • Destroys fewer cells
  • Less fatiguing for the user
  • Cleans easier and more thoroughly
  • Sharp edges stay sharp longer
  • Extends the life of the instrument
  • Number one choice for micro injection procedures
  • Proven success story