Vibration-supported liposuction is the modern way of surgical fat removal. Here, the suction cannula is moved axially in a fast vibrational mode; this serves in combination with the suction vacuum to microscopically and gently cut and remove fat tissue. This technique has its specific advantages for both the doctor as well as the patient.


I vantaggi che si hanno con l’utilizzo del dispositivo Liposat Power Configuration Vibrasat Pro rispetto alla Liposuzione/Lipofilling tradizionale sono i costi di sala operatoria dimezzati, nello specifico:

1. Gentle and homogeneous fat removal.

2. Time-saving procedure.

3. Less force and effort necessary to move the cannula the doctor is thus able to work with higher precision.

Medical Advantages

  • Up to 5000 strokes/min by 2.8 mm (.11 in)
  • Running quietly and smoothly
  • Very powerful about four times as strong as the preceding model Vibrasat®.
  • Fully autoclavable due to special materials in the drive and gear unit.
  • Anatomically shaped hand grip with just the right balance point and low weight to hold it comfortably for any length of time; still enough weight to cushion the vibrations towards your palm by its inertia.

Patient Advantages

  • Unwanted side-effects, such as thromboses, risks of embolisms, or nausea, occur much less frequently
  • The patient stays awake.
  • Simple application without the need for an anaesthesiologist.
  • Little post-surgical pain.
  • No cuts, very little loss of blood.
  • With correct application, no or only small haematomas.
  • “Three-dimensional” liposuction possible by repositioning the patient during the procedure.
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